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After extensive sampling of radio stations in Grant District, South Australia, I have compiled a thorough review of all the community and commercial radio stations receivable in the area. Here is a rundown of each station, complete with their respective bands and frequencies.

Triple J

Band: FM
Frequency: 88.1

Triple J is a nationally broadcast, government-funded station that plays alternative, indie and electronic music. Its content is geared primarily towards young Australians and the station does an admirable job of promoting local and emerging artists.

Classic FM

Band: FM
Frequency: 97.7

Classic FM is a national station that focuses on playing classical music. It has a considerable following and is well-regarded in the classical music community.


Band: AM
Frequency: 1395

FiveAA is a news and talkback station that is part of the Australian Radio Network. It has a range of programming that covers current events, sports, and politics. The station also promotes locally-produced content and features interviews with locals.

ABC Local Radio

Band: AM
Frequency: 1161

ABC Local Radio is a national station that has a regional focus. It covers news, current events and local affairs, as well as featuring some local programming. Its content is community oriented and it has a loyal listenership in Grant District.

Hit FM

Band: FM
Frequency: 95.7

Hit FM is a national station that focuses on playing Top 40 hits. While its playlist is hit-driven, it does have some locally-produced content that makes it a popular choice for locals.

Triple M

Band: FM
Frequency: 93.3

Triple M is a national station that focuses on playing rock music. It has a range of programming that includes news, entertainment and sports content. While it is well-established nationally, it doesn't have much locally produced content.

Radio Adelaide

Band: FM
Frequency: 101.5

Radio Adelaide is a community station that focuses on promoting local arts, music and culture. It supports local emerging artists and features diverse programming that includes talk shows, current affairs, and music shows.


Band: AM
Frequency: 1197

5RPH is a community radio station that serves the visually impaired community. It provides radio reading services, with local news, entertainment and information presented in a way that is accessible to people with visual impairments.

Overall, Grant District has a good selection of radio stations with a range of content and formats, catering to a variety of tastes and interests.

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